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PLEASE EXPAND THE DESCRIPTION FOR SOME FAQ TYPE INFO (most at the bottom)Created Entirely in Source Filmmaker, (except for some post in After Effects) I've recreated nearly frame by frame the original song with 3D characters. I started March 1st and finished it about 25 days later putting most all of my extra time every day into it.You may notice half-way through the video, the character models get an upgrade. That's when I found Poninnahka's re designed models. Unfortunately I could not replace the original models with the new ones without re-animating each shot due to different skeleton structures.Everytime I look at this video, it makes me wish I could re-do the first half. I'm so much happier with the way the second half turned out compared to the first.Quick shoutout to www.equestriaforums.com for letting me post a few progress updates throughout the month. Check them outFeatured on Equestria Daily:Mention List for March 2013 Top Videos:it side by side with original:Models Used: Pony Overhaul by PoninnahkaPie Playset (includes the Sugarcube Corner House and several props):few answers to questions and concerns from the comments:First and foremost - I'm just an animator and I'm only one person. I left things out and have mistakes. I dont have a team telling me whats missing and what needs fixed. I did not CREATE ANYTHING in this video. (except the fail brush missing a texture) I merely give them movement. I used only what I could find at the time. So question: "That pony around 22 seconds texture is wrong"Answer: Its technically not "wrong", I just didnt retexture the template ponies. They came with the model pack listed in the description for the old models. They are for people to create their own characters. There are multiple instances of the template pony with different hairstyle throughout the video. All gray with blue hair. My excuse for not retexturing was just laziness. I honestly dont have a better one.Q: "Everyone lives in Sugarcube Corner?"A: Yes. Yes they do. Everyone loves cupcakes. But really, its the only ponyville themed house as detailed as that. I Looked at the ponyville map made for gmod and sfm and something about it just didnt sit right with what I wanted...Q: "Why do I see certain ponies where they shouldnt be? Like Sweetiebell in the window with Berrypunch"A: This should be a recurring theme you should catch on to. Additional models for every character just dont exist. The ONLY child models I could find were the CMC w/Babseed. I chose sweetie bell for that.Q: "Why arent the steps in sync with the music?"A: I never even noticed it until pretty late, when it was pretty obvious too. Every single Walkcycle in the video is an exact copy. I made one cycle and reused it over and over. Quick and Painless.Q: "are you going to make another one?"A: Yes, Im working on it, it takes time, these things: - soon™This is more of people just pointing out: "This is creepy"A: Different tastes for different people. In the end I like this style the most. But after reading so many people say how creepy it is, If I ever do anything with these again, Ill try to just render it with outlines only to maybe help alleviate the "uncanny Valley" woes. Theres really not much else I can do. heres an example, The models look twisted and tortured at times..."A: Limitation of the model. Nothing I could do. I cant twist, bend and pull the mesh to smooth things out perfectly. If something bends improperly it casts a weird shadow."I see Mic the Microphone, Tombstone, ...etc"A: I needed every finished model I could find and that included these. They are in no way involved."Theres no confetti or sun or lensflare"A: Oops. I rushed myself too much just to get this out. Continuity issues:"Trixie has a hat and cape one second and nothing the next"A: Another Oops. Things happen. Присоединяйтесь к нашему кулинаррному порталу, чтобы первыми узнавать уникальные рецепты.

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